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Mexican Kidney Beans Rice

RecipesPosted by M Rahman Tue, December 18, 2012 13:07:34

Ingredients :

- Long grain rice : 1 cup
- Red Kidney beans : 2/3 cup (Soaked in water overnight and cooked/canned)
- Mix vegetables(carrots, green pepper, corn) : 1

cup(cut into small pieces)

- Tomato paste : 2 tblsp. (for more colour and flavour)
- Onion : 1 (medium) - Garlic : 2-3 cloves
- Tomato : 2 (medium) - Salt to taste
- Chilli Powder : 2 tsp.(optional)
- Oil : 2 tblsp. - Vegetable Stock : 1 cup

Method :

1. Soak kidney beans overnight if possible, otherwise soak for 3-4 hours in hot water. Then cook until done. Keep them aside.

2. Wash and soak the rice in little water for 15 minutes. Then drain it.

3. In a blender, take chopped onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste and vegetable/chicken stock and blend well.

4. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. When oil is really hot, add the rice and salt. Stir until rice changes its colour. Add chopped vegetables and cooked kidney beans. Stir for few minutes.

5. Now add blended mixture into the rice. Mix well with rice. Add little more water if needed. The water level should be at least double the level of rice. Add salt to taste and chilli powder and simmer once water starts boiling.

6. Stir in between very lightly from all sides but do not stir too much. Do not let it burn at the bottom. Wait till rice absorbs all the liquid. Check the seasoning and stir fry the rice very gently till all the water disappears and gives a dry fluffy rice dish.

7. Serve hot.

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